Helicopter Services:

JCR Construction’s Aerial Division includes highly experienced and competent pilots, mechanics and lineman. Our crews provide construction services for energized and de-energized aerial maintenance as well as comprehensive visual and forestry inspections with documentation. JCR is available for emergency response in the Northeast and fly daily with our fleet of MD500’s and MD600. We are focused on providing the best aerial services safely and effectively to save customers time and money on their projects.

One of our Helicopters

We are capable of providing many more services, please contact us directly with any requests or questions about our capabilities.

Jordan Venour
Chief Pilot
Office : 603-895-4062
Email : jordan.venour@jcrutility.com

Jim Prentiss
Director of Maintenance
Office : 603-895-4062
Email: jim.prentiss@jcrutility.com