Transmission JCR Construction lineman are trained and able to perform all aspects of line work safely and efficiently. Crews work daily maintaining the high voltage systems in the Northeast for all the major utilities. This involves but not limited to utility pole supplying and installation, routine maintenance on the lines as well as building new lines where required.
JCR provides crews for storm restoration with minimal notice and travelled as far as Louisiana in response for a storm event. Our employees are able to trouble shoot any problem and JCR has the equipment and resources to fix any issues that might arise. JCR has a large fleet of specialized equipment including 45’ to 105’ track buckets, pullers, tensioners, combination track machines as well as a boat and forwarder. Transmission
Transmission Our employees attend regular safety meetings and are trained in CPR, Pole top rescue, safe driving techniques, and environmental mitigation. JCR aims to provide a well trained and safe crew every day for our customers.